A unique venue for your dancing party

Let’s celebrate and have a dancing party!

Is it your birthday? You want to gather your employees for a staff party? Your company is planning a corporate event? Actually… Who cares? No one needs an excuse to throw a dancing party! Our modern and original place is let to your imagination, you decide everything – who you work with and how you design the room – to make the night unforgettable. So, hire the dj of your choice and enjoy the perfect dancing party at the Wild Gallery.

For your dancing party to be amazing, the choice of the venue is more than important. What better choice could you do than organizing it in the heart of Brussels? Your guests will be amazed by the height of our ceilings and the purity of the whole space. We can propose you the best equipments, even though there is no obligation for these services, to make your dancing party as special as possible, for example our famous « cube bar » that will make everyone going crazy! We can assure you that we have everything you need to make your dancing party wonderful.

Lose yourself to dance at the Wild Gallery and don’t be afraid of any noise restriction! Indeed, you can party all night long because there is no acoustical damage risk in the neighbourhood. Also, if you’re worried about your guests not finding a place to park their car, don’t be! Two parkings, supervised by our parking boys, with in total more than 800 places, are available on our site.

We are available for a visit every weekdays between 8.30am and 17pm at the office (rue du Charroi, n°11). Call us (0489/43.43.33) and we will schedule an appointment.

So… we will be waiting for your call, because, let’s be honest… the Wild Gallery is the place you need for your dancing party!


dancing party