An innovative venue for an innovative event

An infinity of ideas for your innovative event!

You’re looking for a something new, something to spice up a little bit your usual events? Tired of classic and conventional meetings and conferences? Impress your guests with an innovative event! This is a new trend in the event sector. All you need is your imagination because here, at the Wild Gallery, we have everything to make your innovative event successful: 5 adjustable rooms that can host between 100 to 1100 guests, white walls to adapt the venue to any style, white velums for multi-projection effects, 4 m 80 of useful available height…

You can imagine different themes, many different setups, decoration. In a venue like ours, the space and the white walls can easily match up your company’s colours, your needs for your event…

These events can be either corporate or leisure oriented and will change your perception on event organization! Creativity and interactivity: these are the keys to innovative event that will awe your guests. Think outside the box.
The Wild Gallery is the ideal venue in Brussels for your innovative event. Located in a post-industrial building, the venue is equipped with lights, sounds and video features implemented by ADC production. Let your imagination run wild in this 2200m ² venue. This is a real unique place for your events of all kind.

An innovative event can happen in different forms; here are some ideas for your events! Your event could be a secret location based event: imagine the surprise for your guests when they discover at the last moment the event will take place in a post-industrial building!
What if you guests have different tastes in music? You could propose them a silent disco! Your guests wear wireless headphones which have 2 or more channels on them: they can switch from pop music to rock’n’roll in a second. Very fun to watch, as there is no sound in the room. The venue can easily host this type of events thanks to its modular rooms that can become one big room.
Have you heard of lunch clubbing? It’s a simple principle: eat and dance to good music to have a break between work hours. Establishing this sort of event in your business can increase your employees’ productivity and improve relations between co-workers.

See, there are so many possibilities and that’s only a glimpse of it!

To conclude, innovative events are the upcoming direction to take for the conception of your events. They are fun to organise and to attempt and they will make an impact in people’s mind.


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