Your sports event at the Wild Gallery

Hold your sports event at the Wild Gallery

When organizing a sports event you are confronted by many decisions and one of the most important decisions is to find the perfect venue to host your event. The Wild Gallery, as an established event venue, we want to help you to organize that sports event you have in your mind.

At the Wild Gallery we host all type of events, from conferences, to galas, photo shootings, cocktails, diners, concerts, private events, meetings, seminars and of course, sports event! So, leave you to go for our experience.
As a sports event, we understand space is primordial so at the Wild Gallery you have at your disposal 2200m2 of modular spaces. Thanks to our modular panels you can create 5 different units and give to each one a different atmosphere. Those units are separated by white fabrics which can be used to projecting pictures, visuals, videos or 360 degrees projections.
The building is divided in four raw floors so you can use your imagination without limits when it comes to organise your sports event. you can do what you want, impossible is nothing!

Concerning the accessibility, we are accessible by car and public transport. The Wild Gallery is located near the exit 17 of the Ring of Brussels and really close to the Midi Station. If you use public transport you can take the bus 49 and 50 or the trams 82 and 89, very close to the main entrance. If you decide to come by car you don’t have to worry about searching a space to leave your car, we offer 800 parking spaces divided in 2 parking areas, one external and one internal.
Regarding to capacity, we can host from 100 to 1100 guests which is a big number. To host such a high number of people a big space is needed and here there is enough space to make real your biggest ideas during a sports event.

Something probably you would like to know is that we are absolutely free of suppliers, which means that you can choose your own technics, furniture, caterers, etc. As a detail, we don’t take any cork fee or commission, which would imply that the budget would be considerably lower.
If you think that the Wild Gallery suits four your sports event don’t hesitate and contact us, together we will work for the success of your event.


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