The Wild Gallery and Art Food Traiteur : a magnificent duo

The Wild Gallery recently hosted the CEPS seminar (Center For European Policy Studies), on that occasion the venue’s team discovered a caterer of choice and quality for event organization. The rooms made available for the occasion fitted perfectly with the atmosphere created by Artfood Catering. The event sponsored by EDF, is surely the beginning of

Looking for a gallery for your exhibition ?

Our building, with its post-industrial architecture covered with neutral grey carpet on the floors and white fabric on the walls, leaves a multitude of availability. Concerning the available space, we offer 5 basic units and all our rooms are fully modular for any exhibition. The Wild Gallery offers many practical advantages; we provide you the

CRM Group: an event for the future

A new press release has been published on the EventNews website about the conference organized by CRM Group. This event brought together all its brokers to prove that CRM Group and its employees are ready for the future. The limitless possibilities of decorations allowed lots successful events in its places. In the afternoon, participants had