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Your security, our priority

In light of recent events, we want to clarify which policies come into place when the threat level in Brussels is at 3 or 4 at the date of your planned event at the Wild Gallery. These are practicalities that should be undertaken before, during, and after your event. They are purely precautionary, to ensure

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Event rooms to rent in Brussels

Looking for the perfect spot to host your event in Brussels? No problem! Wild Gallery has spacious rooms to rent! Looking for the right venue can be stressful for every event planner. The location is important, yes, but there is much more value needed nowadays. For instance, you can require the venue to have a


Any reception deserves a unique venue !

Bored of always doing the same kind of reception for your attendees ? For once go off the beaten tracks and choose an original and urban place for your event : the Wild Gallery. Besides having enough place to park (we have 800 spots in total from an underground area and an outdoor parking area),


Hold your kick-off meeting only at the Wild Gallery

When it comes to organizing a kick-off meeting or party, you must be very careful with the venue that you choose because it can affect the product that you’re launching in the short future. Indeed, a launch meeting is where all interested parties gather to discuss a plan or strategy before launching a project. Good

Venue for hire

Stylish and practical venue for hire in Brussels

Today, in Brussels, it’s more and more difficult for a company to find an appropriate venue for hire that meet all the requirements. The Wild Gallery will fit with all your events. Why? Built in 1902, this venue for hire is a spacious post-industrial building perfect for your occasion. With more than 2200 m2, our