Closing party at the Wild Gallery

Your closing party at the best venue in Brussels? Celebrate your closing party in our rooms If you are looking for a venue or want to organize a closing party we recommend you to read this article that might convince you that the Wild Gallery is the best place to host that closing party. Of

Your staff evening in Brussels!

Some ideas for your staff evening Your staff evening YES, but When? It is important to organise from time to time a staff evening. Therefore, employees of a company can feel like they are a part of something bigger than just work. A staff evening might be either a sitting dinner followed by a party,

The Marketer of the Year at the Wild Gallery

The Marketer of the Year at the Wild Gallery The 22nd edition of the Marketer of the Year was held at the Wild Gallery on October 26th. The major elements that have attracted the organizers are the geographical location – Brussels is a strategic location for national events – the reception capacity, the spaces and