staff party

Your staff party at the Wild Gallery

It’s time for you to organize your staff party!   Your staff party at the Wild Gallery, the best way to thanks your employees   Don’t hesitate, the Wild Gallery is the place to do it! A rare and big industrial building unique in style just for your staff party! With our 2200m2 of event

open days

Host open days at an external location

Open days don’t have to be hosted at your company   Don’t limit yourself for your company’s open days   A company can decide to organise open days for several reasons, such as the launch of a new collection of products, the anniversary of a top product or of the company, to raise brand awareness,

Photo shooting

Photo shooting, here at Wild Gallery

This is just the place for your photo shooting!   Your photo shooting will be unique with our outstanding architecture!   Do you want to organize your photo shooting? Here at our venue it is possible. For a photo shooting you need time for preparation and realisation. You need to know which model will show

B Vignette

How Wild Gallery and your congress match

Stop looking for the perfect congress venue in Brussels!   We have got the ideal place for your congress! Let us tell you why!   Several factors are of importance when hosting a congress. One of them is being located at the right venue, like the unique Wild Gallery for instance. Whether it is to

Lion Challenge

The Lion Challenge for a good cause

Never heard of The Lion Challenge? It’s the new Ice Bucket Challenge!   Brigitte Stolk and her friends are planning to create a buzz around the Lion Challenge through her « Just Be » musical fashion show at the Wild Gallery! Thanks to La DH for writing an article about the Lion Challenge!   Move


Wild Gallery, THE place for your cocktail party

Organizing a cocktail party in Brussels? Haven’t found a venue yet? Don’t search any longer! The Wild Gallery is THE place for your cocktail party.. We all know that a cocktail party, also called a cocktail reception, is a party where alcoholic drinks are served and guests can socialize while drinking and eating appetizers. For